Nausea and Vomiting of Early Pregnancy

On today’s episode, we discuss one of the most common ailments of early pregnancy, and recommendations for diagnosis and therapy. ACOG PB 189 (ACOG membership required) goes into all the details and makes for excellent further reading, and to learn all about that PUQE scale!

Probably the highest yield piece of information from PB 189 is the recommended therapy algorithm, which you’ll find below. For your practice, don’t forget about helpful adjunct therapies for acid reflux symptoms, like ranitidine or famotidine.


Prenatal Genetic Screening and Testing

This topic can be a source of confusion and anxiety to many providers of OB care, and we hope that we can at least provide some of the basics in today’s episode. For in depth review, see ACOG PB 163 for screening tests, and PB 162 for prenatal testing (ACOG membership required).

One of the most useful and high yield tables on this subject is Table 2 from PB 163 (below). Knowing the differences between these tests, their components, and advantages/disadvantages can be useful for exams as well as your clinical practice.

PB 163 also reviews what the workup should be after a positive screen or after a sonographic finding of aneuploidy, which we did not cover in totality on today’s episode but may also be of use to you.

Just remember — are you screening, or are you testing?

Pregnancy Risk Factors and Pregnancy Dating

For today’s episode, we envisioned the “new OB visit,” trying to target two goals from the perspective of the provider.

The first is to look at risk factors in a new pregnancy, and we go over some recommended screenings at the new OB visit to that effect.

The second is to establish an optimal due date, and what to do with suboptimally-dated pregnancies. ACOG CO 700 and CO 688 may be helpful reading in this regard. We also place the table from ACOG CO 700 below in terms of allowed discrepancies between ultrasound and first day of LMP. Remember that your individual institution may have differing policies with respect to suboptimal dating.

Physiologic Changes of Pregnancy: Part II

We’re continuing “Fei and Nick’s Fabulous Adventure Through Pregnancy” today!

Need a refresher on all those lung volumes? So did we. There are a number of resources online to review them, however a nice quick video review can be found here.

These two episodes have covered a lot of ground on a lot of systems. We tried to come up with a quick-view table encompassing all of these changes. Let us know what you think!

Physiologic Changes of Pregnancy: Part 1

As promised, our first episode on pregnancy! Join us on “Fei and Nick’s Fabulous Adventure Through Pregnancy!”

Today we tackled the changes of the immunologic and hematologic systems seen in pregnancy. There’s quite a bit of information there! If you feel like we’ve missed anything, feel free to reach out via email or social media.

Next week, we’ll release Part 2 and have some more resources ready for your studying!