SMFM Interviews: Teaser Trailer

Hi all! We have a special release today after our exciting time at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s 39th annual meeting. We were lucky enough to interview a bunch of exciting people in the field, and will be releasing interviews over the next several weeks.

If you want exclusive access to all of our interviews immediately, become a $5 / month member on our Patreon. Otherwise, we’ll be releasing a new interview every Wednesday for the foreseeable future!

Our fabulous interviews included:
- Dr. George Saade (UTMB)
- Dr. Sean Blackwell (UT Houston)
- Dr. Alison Steube (UNC)
- Dr. Mary D’Alton (Columbia)
- Dr. Cynthia Gyamfi (Columbia)
- Dr. Aaron Caughey (Oregon)
- Dr. Stephanie Ros (USF)
- Dr. Jeffrey Sperling (UCSF)
- Dr. Desmond Sutton (Columbia)
- Dr. Vincenzo Berghella (Thomas Jefferson)
- Dr. William Grobman (Northwestern)